1940s Onion Soup – just onions and water

Do you ever want to make some nice home made soup? It’s cold and dark outside and you fancy some proper comfort food. You go to your shelves, which are more full of cookery books than your cupboards are of food and look up a recipe for onion soup in the index. You know you’ve got onions in, what could be simpler than a nice onion soup? But what’s this? You can’t make it because you don’t have at least ten ingredients which modern cookbooks say are essential. You don’t have balsamic vinegar. Or a French stick. Or Swiss cheese. Or beef stock. Or butter. It’s hopeless. But what’s this? A 1940s recipe for onion soup which needs onions, a teaspoon of fat and some salt and pepper. It can’t be any good, can it?

So it’s time to travel in the food time machine as a culinary Dr Who. 1940s onion soup, here I come.

Onion Soup Recipe

This looks more like it.

I’ve got four onions which cost me 83p from Asda, a crust of stale bread, a bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper. Can I make something appetising to feed two people? I only used three of the onions. Here’s what I did:

1940s Onion Soup

So I fed it to my son. I thought he’d run like the wind he’d have if he ate it when I offered it to him, but he dutifully sat through a bowlfull.

“I don’t like the bread on the bottom. It would be better on the side. I just don’t like the texture.”

He’s eating it though.

“The first onion I had was really bitter which put me off but after that they were really nice.”

Well I’ll take that as a qualified success :)

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