Well stuff my potato if it isn’t a tin of Sardines!

“Anyone can do that.”

says Peter’s mother-in-law in my 1940s Learn to Cook in Pictures cookbook.

Welcome to another episode in my 1940s cooking and living experiment. I’ve got a potato and I’m going to stuff it.

Stuffed Potatoes

“If you could spare a bit of cheese…

Can I spare a bit of cheese though? What from? A fate worse than death? A fate worse than a 1940s style stuffed potato?
Well, as some of us are not having to exist on rations (a quick search of Sainsbury’s website returned 668 products labelled ‘cheese’), I think I can spare the cheese.

Here’s how I got on:
1940s Stuffed Potatoes
My son ate it. Or most of it. He said it was

“Okay. I like sardines.”

I count that as a ringing endorsement, although not as ringing an endorsement as a clean plate would have been.

The best thing I can say about this recipe is that it wasn’t a waste of valuable cheese.

“You’re going to sit down – I’ll fix the supper tonight. You’re not the only good cook in this family!”

If this was all I needed to do to be regarded as a good cook in 2015, I’d be laughing – apart from when eating.

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