Where is Nurse Jennifer Stockwell now?

It was 1970 and Jennifer Stockwell was training to be an SRN at Guy’s Hospital.

Nursing Recruitment 1970
Nursing Recruitment 1970

“There are so many things happening in nursing that the day’s practically over before you know it.”

So that hasn’t changed then.

“Jennifer works, on average, a 42 hour week.”

Nowadays it’s a notional 37 and half hours, but I’d like to meet the nurse who works those hours now – they would definitely be part-time!

“When she’s qualified, she could specialise in one of many branches of nursing.”

It’s different now: “Pre-registration nursing degrees are offered in four branches: adult; children (paediatric); learning disability or mental health. You will need to decide which of the four branches of nursing you wish to train for, before applying for a programme.” A degree programme? Back in 1970 it was:

“You need to be 18 with at least two ‘O’ levels or to have passed an educational test.”

So you could have left education with no qualifications at all and still become a nurse after passing ‘An educational test’? Cool.
What do NHS Careers have to say about nursing degrees in 2015? “Degree programmes comprise 50% theory and 50% practice. Your time will be split between the university and practical placements.
At university, you will learn about the safe and effective delivery of nursing care through a variety of teaching and learning methods, including lectures, seminars, presentations and tutorials. This will include practising on lifelike models which provides a safe way in which you can develop, practise and gain confidence in your nursing skills.”
So people taking nursing degrees now practise on lifelike models rather than on real people. Seems like a positive development.

“Why not fill in the coupon?”

It’s years since I’ve heard the word ‘coupon’.

So what’s the pay like?

In 1970 a Ward Sister would get £1,200 – £1,554.
In 2015 a Band 6 would get £25,783 – £34,530 with a Band 7 getting £30,764 – £40,558, plus London Allowance where applicable.

I wonder where Jennifer Stockwell is now?

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