Twenty Ways With a Packet of Jelly #3

Thank you for joining me on the Path of The Jelly.

I recently bought Elizabeth Craig‘s cookbook Simple Cooking from 1936 and thought it would be fun to try some of her austerity recipes.

“If you always keep a packet or two of jelly in your store-cupboard, you need never be at a loss for a simple sweet. Here are a few suggestions and recipes for making the most of a packet of jelly.”

Okay, I have strawberry jelly, so here’s Recipe #3 of the 20 which she lists:

3. Pour jelly made according to instructions over sponge cakes prepared as for trifle and finish as for trifle.

Is that it? Seriously? Is that a recipe? “Pour jelly made according to instructions,” it says. So make jelly with a packet. I can do that, but does that count as a recipe? “Over sponge cakes prepared as for trifle.” And how would that be? “As for trifle”? Where’s the trifle recipe so I know how to do “Prepared as for trifle”? And then it says “And finish as for trifle.” Why doesn’t the recipe just say:

“Make a trifle!”

Anyway, I made a trifle:

Twenty Ways With a Packet of Jelly #3 - trifle
Twenty Ways With a Packet of Jelly #3 – trifle

Strawberry jelly, sponge cakes (“Prepared as for trifle”), custard (packet) and beautiful fresh double cream, whipped gently. No need to whip fifty shades out of it. And pink sugar sprinkles.

Taste? Divine :)

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