Celery and Macaroni

In 2015 I’m going to be living in the mid 20th Century, guided by several classic cookbooks. One is Patsy’s Reflections from 1946, a time of shortages, rations and jellied salad. Here’s the recipe for Celery and Macaroni:

Celery and Macaroni

I have the celery, so here goes:

Patsy says an ounce of Macaroni. I’m finding that hard to believe. Just an ounce, is that all? That’s nothing!
Time to boil the celery until it’s dead, sorry, tender.
Boiling the Celery
Dressed with some beetroot bread, it’s time to try the congealed mess.
Celery and Macaroni - and serve!

Celery and Macaroni. An entire meal with just celery and macaroni. It tasted like it sounds: useful for a hungry person when there’s nothing in the shops and you couldn’t buy it even if there was because of rationing.

In case you’re worried that I’m wasting good ingredients for mild amusement, I did actually eat this. Well, half of it.

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