Twenty Ways With a Packet of Jelly #5

Welcome to the next step on your journey in jelly enlightenment.

I recently bought Elizabeth Craig‘s cookbook Simple Cooking from 1936 and thought it would be fun to try some of her austerity recipes.

“If you always keep a packet or two of jelly in your store-cupboard, you need never be at a loss for a simple sweet. Here are a few suggestions and recipes for making the most of a packet of jelly.”

Here’s Recipe #5 of the 20 which she lists:

“5. Prepare as usual, stuff canned apricots with chopped walnuts, moistened with apricot jam. Arrange in a glass dish. Pour jelly over when cool.”

I can do that. I’ve got the ingredients: a Hartley’s Orange Jelly; Sainsbury’s Tinned Apricots in Fruit Juice (Asda didn’t have any); Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Walnuts; Bonne Maman Apricot Jam and a pudding basin (of which I’m not sure of the make).

Gathering the ingredients for jelly, apricots and walnuts
Gathering the ingredients for jelly, apricots and walnuts

The apricots look lovely:

Canned apricots
Canned apricots

I put the jelly in the measuring jug:

Jelly in the measuring jug
I chop the walnuts and ‘moisten’ them with apricot jam and stuff the apricots.

Stuffing chopped walnuts into canned apricots
Stuffing chopped walnuts into canned apricots

Then pour the jelly over and put it in the fridge. Now the frustration of waiting…

and waiting…

and waiting…

Jelly on a plate...
Jelly on a plate…

And with some hand-whipped cream… lovely.

Jelly in a bowl...
Jelly in a bowl…

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